When was the last time you felt amazing?   Not just well, or ok… But so good you could truly say to those around you, ‘Wow, life is grand!’

True health is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and it is made up of four key areas – Diet, Movement, Hormonal balance and Mindset.  You cannot create permanent change without addressing all of these components.

When was the last time a health expert gave you the tailored blueprint to all of these key areas, really listened to your goals and concerns?

 There is a huge difference between taking a tablet to relieve your symptoms (whether a synthetic drug or a naturally-derived one), and really taking the time to unravel and understand where your health conditions came from.  Once you have a clear understanding of how they came about, it is relatively simple to create a direction, or a plan, to help you reverse engineer it all and get back to your former, vibrant self.

By identifying and treating the root cause of your issues, you have the greatest chance of permanent change and recovery.

If you think your story is too complex, you’ve been told by other medical modalities that its ‘all in your head’, or that you will have to remain on certain drugs for the rest of your life because there is nothing further they can do… then you should consider giving us a call, and let us shine a different light on things for you.

  • Dramatically improve energy levels, mental clarity and cognitive function
  • Reduce food cravings, stress, and mental restlessness
  • Help you feel like your old Self — more youthful, alive, and joyful
  • Use natural, gentle techniques that help you heal from chronic health issues, often where other approaches have come up short

We understand that the biggest step towards CHANGE is always the first.  The rest is like momentum- once it gets going, there’s no stopping!!  It takes courage and willpower to step out of your comfort zone. Let us help you make this first step.  Our promise to you is dedication and support all the way.



“A few months ago I came to see Claire with what I thought was an overwhelming number of things. Headaches, hormone problems, joint pain, severe fatigue and food allergies.  From the start, Claire made me feel as though I was not an alien. She had a way of explaining things that made me feel as … Continue reading Adrenal Fatigue and alleries

Adrenal Fatigue and alleries

“Dear Claire, After just one short consultation with you my son is now on the road to great health. Over the past 3 years I have had countless sleepless nights and high levels of stress not knowing what was wrong with my son’s health. I am so grateful to you and wish I had found … Continue reading Allergies and Asthma

Allergies and Asthma

I unexpectedly found myself diagnosed with alopecia areata affecting my scalp and eyebrows only a short 6 months ago. My hair was falling rapidly and I was prescribed an assortment of drugs from specialists and doctors to try to get my hair to grow back, but I didn’t want to ruin my general health in … Continue reading Alopecia


” For over 3 years I have been battling to have my sons health issues correctly diagnosed. At the beginning I was advised by my doctor that my son’s persistent night cough was a post viral cough. I was advised to take no action apart from fluids and rest. After having to attend the emergency … Continue reading Asthma


Under recommendation from a close relative, I made an appointment with Claire through my local wellness centre regarding a recurring, long-standing health issue, that caused severe fatigue and lapses in my cognition. I saw Claire over a seven month period, wherein she noted my symptoms and past and current state of health, and applied a … Continue reading Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

  Clare I just want to say a big, big thank- you for all you have done with all your knowledge, wisdom and herbal mixtures and getting me back on track. From how I was feeling to now is amazing, everybody’s body is unique and you really listen to the client then work with that … Continue reading Thyroid and hormone imbalance

Thyroid and hormone imbalance