Under recommendation from a close relative, I made an appointment with Claire through my local wellness centre regarding a recurring, long-standing health issue, that caused severe fatigue and lapses in my cognition.

I saw Claire over a seven month period, wherein she noted my symptoms and past and current state of health, and applied a suitable treatment plan.  Thanks to Claire’s amazing efforts, I feel better than I have ever felt in over three years, and my fatigue and cognitive problems have gone away completely.

As a practitioner, Claire was professional, empathetic, resourceful and attentive.  She explained new information clearly and thoroughly.   Claire looked at all aspects of my health to make a well-informed decision about treatment options and applied these accordingly.

Claire is an outstanding practitioner and naturopath with expert knowledge about natural health and medicine. I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing any type of general illness or feeling of un-wellness, particularly first-time patients who have never seen a naturopath before.

Sincerely, B.M.