“A few months ago I came to see Claire with what I thought was an overwhelming number of things. Headaches, hormone problems, joint pain, severe fatigue and food allergies.  From the start, Claire made me feel as though I was not an alien. She had a way of explaining things that made me feel as though I could actually combat what I was going through, and she broke it down and explained a game plan for me. One bit at a time we would tackle, which made it far more achievable for me than the overwhelm that I felt when I thought about it all at once.
One by one, we tackled each of my issues. But to my surprise, as we began to get through them, Claire could show me how connected they all really were, and that by identify the main underlying cause (and not just treating the symptoms), we could streamline treatment and make my healing so much faster.
I am still tired, but I have not one single pain in my body most days.  As it turns out, both foods and the water from my tanks were making me quite sick.  Plus a lot of stress.
I cannot recommend anyone as highly as I can Claire. I still have a little way to go, but the leaps and bounds of healing I have experienced so far have been WAY beyond what anybody else had helped me achieve”.  ~M. Stewart