Under recommendation from a close relative, I made an appointment with Claire through my local wellness centre regarding a recurring, long-standing health issue, that caused severe fatigue and lapses in my cognition.

I saw Claire over a seven month period, wherein she noted my symptoms and past and current state of health, and applied a suitable treatment plan.  Thanks to Claire’s amazing efforts, I feel better than I have ever felt in over three years, and my fatigue and cognitive problems have gone away completely.

As a practitioner, Claire was professional, empathetic, resourceful and attentive.  She explained new information clearly and thoroughly.   Claire looked at all aspects of my health to make a well-informed decision about treatment options and applied these accordingly.

Claire is an outstanding practitioner and naturopath with expert knowledge about natural health and medicine. I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing any type of general illness or feeling of un-wellness, particularly first-time patients who have never seen a naturopath before.

Sincerely, B.M.

Chronic Fatigue

” For over 3 years I have been battling to have my sons health issues correctly diagnosed. At the beginning I was advised by my doctor that my son’s persistent night cough was a post viral cough. I was advised to take no action apart from fluids and rest. After having to attend the emergency department on 2 occasions with his cough becoming so bad that his breathing was compromised.  After the second trip to emergency I was sent to an asthma clinic in which my son was then diagnosed as asthmatic. He was set up with an asthma plan and I was given a script for Ventolin with instructions to take 4 puffs x 4 times when needed. On the occasions when my son’s breathing was compromised, the administration of the Ventolin gave no relief at all. After many consultations with doctors, they were still unable to provide any other possibility for the cause of the coughing. After voicing my doubts about asthma, I was assured that my son did in fact have asthma. With the Ventolin not providing any relief when required my son was prescribed with a daily steroid preventer. I also had a script on hand at all times for Redipren (which is a strong dose of steroids) which was the only way I was able to reduce the inflammation of the airways when the coughing episodes reached the point where his breathing was compromised. I was very uneasy about the fact that my 9 year old son was now regularly taking steroids for a health issue I always believed was misdiagnosed. Through day to day conversations I had heard of the name Claire Wakefield a couple of times and made the decision to see if a Naturopath may be able to help. After only 30 minutes with Claire she advised me that she was almost certain that my son had a food allergy. Claire gave me two options.

  • One option was to first begin by removing foods from my son’s diet and monitor the coughing/breathing. If no change I could continue to remove other food groups to pinpoint the allergy.
  • The second option was to get the lGg blood test taken to pinpoint which food group my son had an allergy too.

I went directly to the medical centre and had the blood taken. The blood test was returned to Claire within the week. Claire then rang to advise my son had a +2 allergy to nuts. From this point Claire advised me to:

  • Remove the nuts from my son’s diet.
  • Start on supplements and remove inflammatory foods for 3-6 months to encourage repair to his gut flora.

It has now been 6 weeks since Claire’s diagnosis. Under Claire’s care my son’s no longer has coughing episodes and is well on his well to great health.”


“Dear Claire, After just one short consultation with you my son is now on the road to great health. Over the past 3 years I have had countless sleepless nights and high levels of stress not knowing what was wrong with my son’s health. I am so grateful to you and wish I had found you 3 years ago”. Kind Regards, Julie

Allergies and Asthma

“A few months ago I came to see Claire with what I thought was an overwhelming number of things. Headaches, hormone problems, joint pain, severe fatigue and food allergies.  From the start, Claire made me feel as though I was not an alien. She had a way of explaining things that made me feel as though I could actually combat what I was going through, and she broke it down and explained a game plan for me. One bit at a time we would tackle, which made it far more achievable for me than the overwhelm that I felt when I thought about it all at once.
One by one, we tackled each of my issues. But to my surprise, as we began to get through them, Claire could show me how connected they all really were, and that by identify the main underlying cause (and not just treating the symptoms), we could streamline treatment and make my healing so much faster.
I am still tired, but I have not one single pain in my body most days.  As it turns out, both foods and the water from my tanks were making me quite sick.  Plus a lot of stress.
I cannot recommend anyone as highly as I can Claire. I still have a little way to go, but the leaps and bounds of healing I have experienced so far have been WAY beyond what anybody else had helped me achieve”.  ~M. Stewart

Adrenal Fatigue and alleries

I’m 5 weeks into my new life after seeing Claire and getting the guidance I needed. Claire has debunked the mysteries of why I wasn’t looking and feeling the way I wanted to and I’m so grateful for Claire’s knowledge and support. I’ve dropped 6.5 kilograms so far, I’m about halfway to my goal, however the weight-loss is only half of the change, I feel AMAZING!! My energy levels are consistent, my skin is bright and clear, quite simply I’m happy inside and out! ~J. Ploeger



Clare I just want to say a big, big thank- you for all you have done with all your knowledge, wisdom and herbal mixtures and getting me back on track. From how I was feeling to now is amazing, everybody’s body is unique and you really listen to the client then work with that and the lab results you may have. You are amazing and so is the Doctor who told me about you! Keep up your great work.
Liz. H

Thyroid and hormone imbalance

I unexpectedly found myself diagnosed with alopecia areata affecting my scalp and eyebrows only a short 6 months ago. My hair was falling rapidly and I was prescribed an assortment of drugs from specialists and doctors to try to get my hair to grow back, but I didn’t want to ruin my general health in trying to get my hair back. I started seeing Claire Wakefield who helped me get to the bottom of my hair loss instead of just putting a ‘bandaid’ over it. She was able to help me so so much with not only the cause, but other issues my body and mind were experiencing. I now have little baby hairs growing all over my head! Woohoo! I cannot recommend or thank her enough! ~ L. Rossiter