Would you like to see a Naturopath but just can’t manage to find the time? Why not take advantage of our Phone Consultation services?

Our phone consultations are available to any landline or mobile number, anywhere in Australia, and can be scheduled outside of regular business hours if your workload is an issue.

WhCapture1at’s included in a Phone consultation?

Pretty much everything that is done face to face!

Of course, there are a few things that need to be observed during a Naturopathic Consultation, so prior to the consult we will send you through a questionnaire with some points that we would like to bring to your attention. Things to assess physically.  We usually get people to send us through a photo of the relevant things, so that during the consultation we can refer th

What is the process?

You can book the appointment time yourself through our Online Booking System. Just be sure in the notes that you mention that you require a phone consultation and leave the phone number that you would like us to contact you on.

Please click through HERE and go to our booking system to allocate yourself a time slot.

What will your consulting Naturopath require before the consultation?

Any relevant test results or photos that we can upload to your file to enable a more comprehensive picture.

What if I need some testing done?

As long as you are within Australia, any pathology collection center can collect blood for samples.  However, most of the Functional testing that we do here at the Lab, uses test kits that can be done at home and then couriered or posted back to the pathology lab.  This is relevant to Hair Mineral analysis, saliva gene testing and hormone profiles.

How do you prescribe supplements and herbs via a phone consult?

Actually, these days it is very easy to get the right remedies to you!  Depending on what you need, the turnaround time on getting supplements to you can be as little as two days.  (Some suppliers can take a little longer.)

However, if you would prefer to source your products locally, our Naturopath can provide alternative suggestions depending on what you have around you.

What are the fees?

The fees are the same as an in-clinic consultation, because quite literally it is the exact same process – (although the phone consultations take a little more to set up from the Naturopaths point of view).

*Please note that under the Private Health Fund regulations within Australia, we cannot offer private health rebates for phone consultations at this time.