Great question actually! … and probably one I have become so accustomed to, since I worked in my first herbal dispensary, aged 13.  In fact, over the span of my years spent working in this field, I have seen the definition of a ‘Naturopath’ change quite  dramatically. In its truest sense, Naturopathy is the notion of allowing the body to ‘heal thyself’ by supplying it with the right tools (eg; nutrition, detoxification, hot/cold therapy, bodywork meditation, etc).

The reality is, that Naturopathy is not regulated enough within Australia, so each and every one of us will practice slightly differently.  Its important to find a Naturopath that you resonate with, and try not to hold the belief that if you don’t like, the rest will all be the same. This is never the case!

Here In my practice at the Natural Body Lab, I use a combination of Traditional Naturopathy and Orthomolecular Medicine, or Biomedicine.

More specifically, when you come into my clinic I will take an extensive case history, and learn all about what brought you (and your body) to the point you are currently at.

I will assess your current diet, lifestyle, habits and mindset.  I will also want to know things like your family health history, and all the things that make you, you… 

All roads lead to Rome… I will provide you with options that suit.

In order to work out which is the best direction to take with you, I will always try and give you options, so that you can choose which suits you best;

1- In Some cases, testing will get us there faster.  It will probably save you money in the long run, and provide direct answers. .. however not everybody is ok with testing; perhaps for financial reasons or other reasons.. and that’s totally ok!!

2- If you are someone who doesn’t want the testing option, we can devise a plan that helps us differentiate, and eliminate the possibilities until we arrive at a solution.

We will always devise a plan that suits you, which may incorporate aspects like dietary changes, breathwork, mindset and posture/movement.

I also have a network of other wonderful practitioners I trust to liase with, so if I see something that needs to be referred on, I will always explore this option with you.