I should probably start by telling you the things I am NOT.

I am not a “lets just see what this does” type of Naturopath,me1 nor am I one that pushes five different products onto you every time you walk through my door.  I am not airy in the way I approach natural medicine, nor am I a calorie-counting Nazi who will restrict every part of your diet.

How I work could be described as ‘wiping the slate clean’-  I am all about removing the chaos and the noise, and helping you find your true self again. I have a logical (and somewhat scientific) approach to what I do, but I also firmly believe that the greatest healing comes about when you slow down long enough to listen to what your body is telling you.  Yes, I have a lot of training and experience behind me, but none of it overrides common sense and the powers of observation and listening.

If you’ve ever wanted to hit the RESET button and recreate yourself into a bigger and better you- i’m the one you should talk to.

“If in doubt, take it back to the way nature intended”

– Claire Wakefield


Hi there, my name is Claire. By definition I am Naturopath, Herbalist, Forager, Wild Medicine-Maker and Teacher, Adventurer, Hiker, Mother, Gardener, Science Nerd, and massive advocate of living simply.  Life could not be better!

moiI am a Clinical Naturopath, with a background in movement (rehabilitative Personal Training), and holistic life coaching.  I come alive when people ask me to help them ‘change their life!”, because this is what I LOVE to do!

With a combination of my training and collective 20years in the Health and Fitness fields, (primarily working with women), I have learned which key factors need to be held in place in order to help my clients create permanent changes on both the physical and emotional levels. I believe my greatest strength is the power to observe and to listen- listen to what you are telling me; to watch what your posture and your body language are telling me.. Quite often the answers are found between the lines!

Being the mother of two myself, I recognise the need for an understanding ear, and the ability to think outside the square when it comes to your health and wellbeing- no two people are ever the same. Life throws us all curveballs, and no two people can be expected to respond to them in the same manner.  This is where Naturopathy and Coaching shine well above the symptom-based treatments offered by other modalities.

I often refer to myself as having ‘one foot in both worlds’…  My original Naturopathic mentors were trained in the traditional art of Naturopathy, meaning that I learnt about the subtle energies, true herbalism and remedy preparation, and the holistic principles of nutrition and detoxification.  Then when It came to studies, I was lucky enough to be the first year of the newly-formed Naturopathic Degree, (the first year of the first Degree in Australia actually!!)..  meaning that now I learnt the more ‘scientific’ approach, including functional pathology, postural alignment and bodywork.  There are not many of us who can say they fell into the window of learning both approaches to our craft, because the modality changed rapidly in the space of only a few years..  but it is this combination that has allowed me to cut through the layers relatively quickly, and meet my clients exactly where they need to be met.

I believe in using the science (and logic) to identify the issue(s) at hand, and then switching to the time-proven, natural techniques such as nutrition, herbs, movement and mindset coaching to restore the balance and heal for the long term.