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Finally Autumn is officially here, and with the craziness of the weather at the moment, its probably wise to begin your preparation for the Winter Flu Season early this year.

Whilst you cannot improve your immunity to specific viruses unless you have been exposed to that virus already, (either literally, or with homeopathic remedies), you can absolutely improve your body’s natural defenses as a whole, and strengthen both your overall resistance to viral infection, and also improve your ability to move through the infection and heal at a faster rate.

Immunity can take time to strengthen. So with the coming of Autumn and change of seasons, Natural Body Lab is putting together an online Masterclass to help teach you all the things you can do in order to get set for the coming Winter months!


This online workshop will take you through the basic physiology of viral immunity, and explain which dietary and lifestyle factors can have an influence.

You will learn how to boost your own natural immunity using simple foods and nutrients, as well as which herbs you should have on hand to help alleviate the symptoms of some of the most common viral infections. The workshop is designed to teach you how you can use everyday foods and herbs as medicine.

Included in the Masterclass:

  • Which food deficiencies can suppress your immunity, and which foods and lifestyle factors can slow the recovery process after a viral infection
  • Which nutrients can help boost your natural immunity and improve your resilience to infection
  • Which herbs have been traditionally used to help alleviate the symptoms of common Winter Viruses
  • When to use each herb and nutrient to help the body recover from infection
  • Plus some Bonus home remedy recipes to help incorporate immune-boosting and anti-viral herbs into your daily routine.

Who am i?

My name is Claire, and here at the Natural Body Lab I’ve been a practicing herbalist and clinical Naturopath for 17years.  I have extensive experience helping both children and adults to strengthen their immunity, and in this workshop I am sharing my working knowledge so that you can learn how to support the health of yourself and your family.

To book your place;

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You will be taken to the TryBooking page. Please don’t forget to leave your email address when you sign up, so that i can send you the link to the Masterclass before March 26th, along with the Bonus .pdf cheatsheets and recipes.

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